The network supplies services to manufacturers to achieve, maintain and demonstrate traceability to the IFCC Reference Measurement  Procedure. For details please click on the button “Support and Services”.

Under the button “Certificate Manufacturers” is the list of manufacturers who participated in the IFCC certification programme to demonstrate traceability to the IFCC Reference Measurement Procedure and met the IFCC criterion.
Criterion is a Total Allowable Error of 5 mmol/mol at an HbA1c concentration of 50 mmol/mol with a risk level of 2σ. The performance comes with a classification: if TE is ≤ 3.3 bronze, ≤2.2 silver and ≤1.1 gold. If TE> 5 mmol/mol the classification is “IFCC criteria not met”. All participants receive a certificate of performance including their classification.

Weykamp C, John G, Gillery P, English E, Ji L, Lenters-Westra E, Little R, Roglic G, Sacks D, Takei I, on behalf of the IFCC Task force on implementation of HbA1c Standardization. Investigation of 2 Models to Set and Evaluate Quality Targets for HbA1c: Biological Variation and Sigma-Metrics. Clin Chem 2015;61:752-9.

Below are the manufacturers who sponsor the network.